We hope you can make it! Kindly let us know, either way.

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Will you be joining us in celebrating our marriage on Saturday, 5/6/17?* *
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Your guest's name
We encourage you to shuttle to the wedding! It picks up and drops off at Indian Springs. You can always call an Uber if you'd like to leave earlier (it's a short drive).
Since the wedding isn't kid-friendly, let us know if you'd like someone else to worry about them back at Indian Springs.
WEEKEND EVENTS - We'll email with more according to your interest
This will be at Buster's BBQ in Calistoga. Food, drinks, and fun will be provided from 6-9, so stop by when you arrive.
We'll depart bright and early with Calistoga Balloons (https://www.calistogaballoons.com/). The price will be $239 per person and includes breakfast. They have a maximum of 40 people, so this will be first-come, first-served.
FRIDAY - 1:30pm: Would you like to join for organized wine tastings?
Select the option that sound most like you, and we'll reach out by email. Prices varying between $20+ (fun & casual) to $90+ (baller) per person.
At the Calistoga Inn. Made-to-order tacos, tamales, churros, and margaritas are on us. Also expect a speech or two.
Picnic food, drinks, and olive oil will be provided. Education care of the Napa Valley Olive Oil Manufacturing Company.
We'll host a bagel bar, cereal for the kids, and breakfast beverages. Mother nature will take care of the waterworks.
Let us know if anything is on your mind, or if there is anything else we should know.